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Chart Your Course &

Channel Your Experiences


S.O.A.R. Consulting

If you are looking for an experienced, engaged Seminar Leader or Facilitator;

If you would like someone to help you as a Career Coach or Mentor;

     If you need help with your resume;

or, if would like a different perspective on life or your workplace, in general,


Tailored coaching sessions designed to help you establish and meet your career or organizational goals
 Individual Coaching   Resume Review   Seminars

Honesty IS the best policy! Perhaps those close to you are sharing little white lies so your feelings aren’t hurt! That won’t happen at SOAR!  Feedback is a treasure.

Are you struggling with your career and don’t know what to do?

Just graduating and need some tips on how to present yourself in a job interview?

Out of work and need some additional perspective on what you may need to do differently, increasing your opportunities to find your next career and SOAR?

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? Not if you are looking through a cloudy lens! Find out how to reveal the real you on paper.

You’ve been sending out resume after resume with no response. What is going on? Perhaps it’s not as “spot on” as you think!

Have you had anyone review your talents and experience? Now may be the ideal time.

What have you done about a marketing plan for you? Do you know what to focus on to help your resume SOAR?

Life-long learning gives you power! Share in the experience, learning from others and by doing!


Are you doing the same old things over and over again expecting different results? STOP the madness!

Are you struggling with Change Management? Does your team understand that they may need to approach things with a different twist?

Would you like an engaging, talented facilitator, who keeps up with current trends,understands leadership and can help you change your organization around, ultimately helping your team to SOAR?