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The First Lesson According to Me

Where, exactly, does one begin when they are attempting to impart their wisdom or “lessons” learned? Do they start from day one, when they were born? Do they begin with the first day of school? Or, maybe, they begin with their first memory of a lesson learned. I need to go back to about the age of four (which was another century, btw). It was a time when you didn’t worry about a little one walking to the house of a friend in the neighborhood, because people weren’t snatching children and doing evil things. It was a trusting world.

I remember having a wonderful day playing with my best friend (now she would be called a bff or best friend forever). It was a time of innocence, happiness and freedom. Not a worry in the world! As I walked home, I had to pass by a tiny house with eleven children living in it.  One of the little girls was holding my stuffed Lassie. I knew it was mine, because Lassie’s ear was torn.  I hadn’t played with her for a long time, so it’s almost surprising that I recognized the stuffed toy. I went up to the little girl and “relieved” her of my dog. I can’t remember her reaction, but I’m sure she was stunned and maybe cried.

I was most upset and remember telling my mom that my dog had been stolen. My mom had a nice long chat with me and that day was the day I learned about giving to others, particularly those in need. I think about it every time I watch children learning to share and/or when I go to the Good Will or the Salvation Army.  I also think about it when I’m teaching others, whether at work or while volunteering.

We all have gifts to share and they aren’t necessarily material things. As a matter of fact, in the work world, you are sharing your knowledge, skills, talents and abilities. When looking for a job or even while working on a job, you need to tap into your gifts. What do you enjoy doing? What do you do well? What would you like to do?  It’s important to do a “self-survey” and figure out exactly what you want to do when you grow up. Don’t wait another day!

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