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Resolve to Renew

We are only days away from December 31st and I’ve heard and seen the yearly resolutions being uttered and muttered. It’s the usual ones like:

–      “I will lose weight beginning January 2nd.”

–      “I am going to exercise more.”

–      “I will NOT be a couch potato.”

–      “No more Angry Birds.” (Well, maybe this isn’t a typical resolution, but I have heard it muttered. Maybe it was me who made the statement, actually).  LOL

–      “I will find a new job!”

Years ago I decided not to make grandiose resolutions on New Year’s Eve. It always seemed that I would “blow” the resolution within days creating disappointment in myself and maybe even triggering a little depression. I also learned to not broadcast my resolution to all of my friends, ’cause then I’d have to own up to what I didn’t do. What I learned was that I needed to take baby steps (remember the movie “What about Bob?), breaking my large ideas/wishes/dreams into small do-able chunks (goals) and make a pact with myself.  I also found that if I was a little more specific, I stood a chance in actually changing my life for the better and experiencing success.

For example, with respect to losing weight: Last year I lost 20 lbs and I know I can lose more. What was interesting was that I didn’t state that I would lose 20 pounds I just knew that I wanted my clothes to fit me differently and I wanted to feel healthier. I also didn’t “announce” it to everyone, rather I relished in the compliments as people noticed I looked different. This year, I’m going to once again get help from a professional and ask them to hold me accountable. I’m going to eat healthy foods, not starve myself and I will leverage what worked last year (e.g., lessons learned or best practice). It’s ALL do-able and these small steps will have an impact! (It will also help to have all of the home-made chocolate chip cookie gifts gone).

If you are thinking that you need to do something differently in your life, take a few baby steps and begin your change gradually. If you are unemployed and need a job or if you want a new job, take a few moments either once a day or perhaps once a week to:

–      Make a few notes about what you like to do and when you are happy

–      Review feedback that you have received from others, discovering what your strengths are and think about ways to leverage them

–      Ask someone to meet with you to discuss possibilities; review your resume or craft a plan for the year. That additional perspective is a wonderful gift to you

–      Dust off your resume and ask for help to make it shine.

It’s amazing to discover what one baby step can do in changing your life. I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing, for sure!

Happy New Year!

P.S. I resolve to play Angry Birds no more than 15 minutes a day, most likely while waiting in line; while on hold on the phone or during the time it takes the microwave to heat my dinner.

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