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The First Step is a Little Scary

Making a change is never, ever easy. Often it involves taking a risk or doing something differently. One of my favorite quotes is the definition of insanity and that is: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” For that reason, my personal goal is to stretch. To explore the many possibilities of life. To challenge myself and others.

It’s interesting what I uncover daily about how we all operate. For example, I’ve learned that several people close to me don’t like to go through a drive through without preparing exactly what they are ordering and practicing their order before they get in line. I, on the other hand, like to perowse (my sniglet of peruse and browse) the menu; sometimes think about it (all in a fairly speedy fashion) and then “chat” with the order taker (e.g., “How’s your day?” Unusual weather we are having, isn’t it?”). Of course, if it is rush hour, I will speed it up.  I was stunned and bemused to uncover that my friends are horrified by this approach and recently told me that they feel like hiding their head when going through a drive through with me.  Imagine??? And, I was thinking we were all having a jolly good time!

So, what does that say about change, you ask? Well, there are two perspectives: either I step it up and begin thinking about my order an hour before drive through time or my friends relax and enjoy the experience. Change the approach, in other words. Perhaps it is a melding of the two approaches. Time will tell. I promise to try the rehearsing and drive through, fly by.  We will see how that works.

Of course, I haven’t even broached the topic of my providing “feedback” to the employees, particularly if they choose to give me a drink with soda dripping down the side. In my eyes,that is sloppy, unacceptable customer service. Now that I’m thinking about it, that adds additional time to the drive through and by now my passengers are probably ready to flee the car. So, that’s another topic for another day.

All things to think about when you are exploring a change in your life; in your career or in your resume. Take the feedback and SOAR with it.

Welcome to my website! Another step with respect to life changes!  😆

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