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A Round TOIT

How many times have you said, “I’m planning on getting around to it?”  I find that it happens frequently. As a matter of fact, as I sit here writing this, I’ve been saying for two weeks “I’m going to get around to doing my taxes.”  It hasn’t happened yet and I believe I have six days.  Why do I do this, I wonder?

Well, it may be a couple of things. Any time I have to do math, I avoid it at all costs. I balance my checkbook by changing banks. When playing Scrabble, I have my friend tally my score ‘cause ‘rithmetic is not a core competency (there is a little moaning about me not doing the calculations, but I think my other wonderful attributes outweigh this inconvenience). Taxes involve math. Not my thing!

Or, it could be I’m avoiding doing my taxes because it’s more fun writing (voila, this blog); playing DrawSomething on my iPhone (my new addiction), organizing my photos and making video’s or even doing work for my chorus. I just don’t want to do my taxes because it overwhelms me and I don’t like doing it.  Avoidance is another word for this behavior. BUT, it is necessary that I do my taxes and I must!

Is that happening with you and your career? Do you know you need to make a change, yet you are doing nothing? Are you procrastinating because it’s overwhelming or you just don’t get around “to it?”  It’s a little easier to let your career “slide” because you don’t have the Federal Government mandating that you make a change. However, what are the consequences of not getting “round to it?”

In the last month I know of three people who have died unexpectedly before reaching the age of 55. One, a personal friend, passed in her sleep of heart failure – she was just beginning to follow her passion; another, a co-worker, died at the age of 44 from a heart attack. Thomas Kinkade passed over the weekend at the age of 54, natural causes, a brilliant artist with so much to give. All of them were much too young to leave us; all of them had so much to give of their talent, yet their life was cut short.

My thought is: don’t let another moment pass in a job you don’t find fulfilling. Don’t let yourself become paralyzed because you are overwhelmed or don’t believe you have the skill to find the right job. Find your passion, living each day to the fullest, doing what you like or LOVE to do!  I say, make it happen and get around to it, today!

OK, I’m going to do my taxes right now!  J

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