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reindeer tangled in lights ‘tis the season for holiday parties and what a networking paradise! Almost any neighborhood, family or business gathering may produce an opportunity for a conversation with someone who has information you can “mine” unobtrusively for leads to new career challenges for yourself and those you know. In addition to the family and friend parties, select a few in the industry where you are most likely to have face time with individuals to whom you want to show your potential, unique talents and interests.

Remember to stay focused! To leverage the full benefits of holiday networking, you must be alert and stay sharp. Don’t overindulge in food or beverages. Think about leaving your ugly Christmas sweater at home, unless it is an ugly Christmas sweater party. Conduct yourself professionally at all times. Don’t forget to have a business card or two ready to share. The ROI is simple. Just one meaningful conversation can open a door. It’s the quality not the quantity of relationships developed, pursued or renewed.

I’ll toast to that!

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