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It’s Sunday and It’s FOOTBALL!

Playoff games today are happening today and the Baltimore Ravens will be playing for the right to go to the 2013 SuperBowl. (There may be a few more teams in the game, I’m sure, and you may be their fan. Good luck. Can you tell what color shirt I’m wearing as I type?)

It’s most exciting as people cheer for their home team. I’ve been reading articles about how the Ravens (and others) are preparing for the game and I think it is so cool these football players are doing what they love and playing to their strengths. What a fabulous concept for how to live your life!  (Of course, making fabulous money isn’t so bad either, but there is hard work that goes into their day-to-day job, all for our enjoyment.)

It made me think of Marcus Buckingham, the author of the book “Go Put Your Strengths To Work.”  Here’s a video clip that may provide you with some inspiration as you think about playing to your strengths!

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