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Three More Things to Think About For Your Resume

Thanks to you all of you who contacted me about “the blog” last week and who shared it with others. I’m glad these ideas are resonating with you! When chatting about this with some of you, I found a few more tips spilling forth in my mind and wanted to share them with the S.O.A.R. community (don’t you love it?)

1. When sharing your work experience avoid using the words “responsible for” and add action verbs to promote your achievements!  They make strong impressions and give your resume POWER and direction. Think about using “created, formulated, facilitated, executed and more.” Do a search on the web for “action verbs” to inspire you!

2. Quantify and qualify your contributions for your potential employer. Replace “responsible for growth of the company” to something like” gained 20 percent improvement in net profit by focusing on team-building, Raven-soaringemployee engagement and emphasis on ioi” (internal operating income).

3. Spell-check, review, spell-check again and ask someone else to look over your resume. Begin with a good first impression and eliminate the chance of your resume getting “tossed” because of a silly mistake.  Don’t leave it up to your computer spell-checker. It often misses words such as “their/there; then/than; affect/effect; its/it’s and more. Spelling and grammar checks aren’t a replacement for a human set of eyes.

Keep the ideas, comments and “likes” coming!

“How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world.”  (Anne Frank, 1929 – 1945)


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