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The Day After Super Bowl 2013

Fans in Baltimore are beyond excited as well as exhausted after a nail-biting Super Bowl. It was a roller coaster ride with the Ravens taking a 21-6 lead in the first half and extending it early in the third quarter with a 108- yard kickoff return. Then, the lights went out and the Ravens momentum stopped. Wait, I can hear you shouting at the screen: “Nancy, you aren’t a sports analyst much less a sports reporter. What gives you the right to comment on the Super Bowl?”

Well, I must tell you, I think that this game was very similar to a job search. You plan your game (the job search); you practice (whether you are writing and re-writing your resume or preparing for your interview); you take the field (getting excited about your opportunities); you go out for the pass and sometimes you miss (finding out you weren’t the ideal candidate or a match for the job). Looking for that ideal job, pursuing that “touchdown” in your own life, can have it’s ups and downs and there are days when you feel as if the lights have gone out and there is no chance of winning.

When you see things aren’t going just as you planned, perhaps even spiraling out of control, that is the exact time when you must re-focus; re-adjust your game plan, if necessary, and pursue your dream with a renewed vigor and tenacity.  Don’t give up! Call in your special teams (your friends, your family, your mentor) and ask them to review your resume. Go for a long pass and see if they can help you extend your network and get the word out about your interests and pursuits. Then, get ready to rumble and/or SOAR. You can make your dream happen, as did the Baltimore Ravens, 2013 Super Bowl Champions!

Baltimore Raven Confetti AngelHere’s an article I found to be an inspiring read, not necessarily about planning a job search, but about re-adjusting and listening to others and leveraging their strengths. 





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