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Wordle-ing Away With Your Resume

wordle imageAre you looking for a way to put some spark into your resume and your career search?  I’ve blogged about the importance of keywords and how you must adjust your resume so that it speaks to the hiring manager. Here’s an article from Psychology Today that speaks about career transitions and Wordle* may be just what you need to let your creativity soar with a little imagination and fun.  Enjoy!

*Wordle is an addictive little program designed by a programmer at IBM Research, Jonathon Feinberg. Wordle takes a document and creates a “word cloud” of the text. Wordle will ignore insignificant words like “the”, but nouns, verbs or adjectives will appear, and the more often they occur in your document the larger Wordle will print them. Even if you aren’t doing a resume, it’s well worth exploring.  😀


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