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Passion: Is it only found in hobbies?

Singing HonI just spent the weekend at a regional singing competition surrounded by people who are doing what they love and loving what they are doing. Admittedly, it was a hobby, yet  individuals who are successful at this hobby need to devote hour after hour perfecting their performance through hard work and dedication.  And, they LOVE doing so, often reaping the reward of friendships, singing and giving the gift of music!!! So, I began to think (which is always, always dangerous).  🙄

Wouldn’t it be wonderful it your day-to-day work experience was as fun as a hobby?  Perhaps we all can’t sing for a living, therefore, the hobby route, but we can certainly find other things that we are passionate about to make life just a little fuller. My belief is that if you uncover and find your “PASSION(s),” you will find a way to love what you are doing to help bring in an income. How many times have your heard the cute quote: “Do what you love and the money will follow?” and you shake your head and say, “Well, that’s bs! Look at all of the starving artists and people out of work.” It goes with “just because you love doing something, doesn’t mean you can make money from it!”

Perhaps I’m naïve, but I have heard and am inspired by people who are so passionate about what they want to do, that they just plain don’t give up. Yet, I believe that there is a second part to their story and that is “what is your passion and how may it serve other people?” If singing is your passion and you are truly talented, perhaps you become a teacher? you work in a music store? you coach? Not everyone can make it to Broadway and you may not become as wealthy as the stars, but there is great reward in teaching or coaching others. BTW, while participating in a hobby, there are many skills that you can learn or share by serving on a committee or board.

For example, many young kids love to play video games, but parents believe there is NO way they can make money from it. My thought is if you love playing video games, become a professional gamer; consult with companies that make the game or create an app.

I think of the woman Melissa, who was fired from her job in advertising in 2008 and followed her passion of baking, opening the first Baked by Melissa shop in New York. She followed her passion and her idea that people should be able to “taste more flavors without that post-dessert guilt trip.”  BTW, I don’t know Melissa, but, wow, do I love her tasty cupcakes and packaging for her product!

Exercise: How to Discover Your Passion

So what’s your passion and how might you be able to use it? Here’s a simple exercise you can do that will help you pinpoint where you should focus. Make four lists.

  • On the first list, write down all of the things you are good at — everything that you do well and that you have mastery over.
  • On the next list, write down everything you enjoy — hobbies, special interests, games, TV shows, etc.
  • Then, list everything that gives you a sense of meaning and purpose.
  • Finally, create a list of things that people need (or may need).

Now for the magic . . . find common elements across all of these list and begin your journey to discovering your passion.  I’ll share more about how I found my passion, helping you, in my next blog!

Oh, and if you love to sing, come join my chorus, Harbor City Music Company Show Chorus, as we get ready for contest in Hawaii in November 2013!  I don’t make money singing with the chorus, but I do LOVE spreading the joy of music and laughter with others (That was an endorsement! Hint, hint)!


P.S. the photo is of me singing with a quartet at the annual Baltimore HonFest in 2009.

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