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Are Graduations, Weddings, Father’s Day Interfering with Your Job Search?

congratulationsIt’s that time of year when your calendar becomes booked and there is so much to do that it may seem there is absolutely NO time to focus on searching for a job. Am I right?  Well, don’t forget that as you ‘party,’ you can also network.  After exchanging the pleasantries and catching up on what has been happening, take a moment to share that you are exploring job opportunities.

Create a 30-second “elevator pitch” – a statement of what you are looking for and the professional value you bring to any organization. The elevator speech is the information that you can deliver in the time it takes to complete a hypothetical elevator ride. Think about the critical assets you want to communicate about yourself and develop three concise statements to describe how these traits would make you an asset at any company.

Have a great time at your events and to all of the graduates, congratulations on achieving a major milestone in your life!

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