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Has Your Résumé Found the Black Hole?

Black HoleSo, you’ve spent countless hours writing, polishing, re-writing and blasted out your résumé to dozens of companies.  Then, you wait and wait and wait and wait, and never hear a peep from anyone.

Often, this is because human resources people and hiring managers receive tons of résumé s for any given job opportunity and they end up missing, skipping or tossing a lot of them. There are a few things that you can do to help ensure your résumé is seen.

1.  Use some of the same words and phrases that appear in the job posting in your résumé.  The computer will recognize them and move your résumé forward, because you are a “match!”   Don’t get lazy, however, and cut and paste the job posting into your résumé or cover letter.  If the computer doesn’t catch it, someone will and it could hurt your chances of moving forward with an interview.

2.  The best way to get your résumé seen is by networking into the company.  Try to find out who the hiring manager is and see if someone will hand that person your résumé.  Many companies share the company’s hiring process on the internet. Thorough research can help you properly prepare to avoid the black hole. Check out LinkedIn.

3.   Have someone proofread your résumé.  Sometimes it can be something as small as a typo that may turn off an employer and land you smack dab in a black hole.

4.   Keep it simple!  Avoid graphics and logos and other things that may “clog” how an applicant tracking system reads your résumé.

Try one or two of these simple steps and see if you begin to experience in your job search.

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