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Thankful People are Happy People

Have you noticed lately that people are posting things they are grateful for and thankful for on Facebook? It all began happening way before Thanksgiving! I have enjoyed seeing people looking at their lives with a positive twist and appreciation. Often, we get caught up in the “sorrow-monger” approach – you know, “you can’t believe what happened to me today?” or “Did I tell you about the latest catastrophe? I hit a deer, the tire blew and I broke a fingernail!”  “I need a job. I can’t find a job. No one wants to work with me!”  Throughout my years as a career coach and professional resume writer, I have discovered that those embracing a positive attitude throughout their career campaign will realize success far more quickly then the Negative Ned or Nellie!happy people at thanksgiving

Thinking about taking a positive approach and being thankful for the opportunity to look for a new job might help you in seeing things differently. Instead of doing the same thing day after day, such as reading the job postings, posting your resume and waiting for someone to contact you, try something new.  Explore a new industry or a new location to find the position you desire. Print out new resumes and ask “different” people to review it for you and, if they would, keep the resume and perhaps give it to someone else (network, network, network).  Take a course and polish up on a skill that may help you in a new job (e.g., Time Management Tips with Outlook; How to Create a Killer Presentation; Excel for the Not-So-Dumb”).

Job seekers must be keenly aware of how attitude affects everyone, including you. Take a few moments to reflect on your own attitude – regarding work, salary, career history, and your ideal future job. Think about your expectations and align your goals appropriately. By making a commitment to demonstrating a positive attitude throughout your career campaign, you are going to make the process less painful (perhaps enjoyable) and, ultimately, will generate successful results.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  I’m so thankful for the opportunity to share my ideas with you!

“Our beliefs about what we are and what we can be precisely determine what we can be.” – Anthony Robbins

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