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A Few Job Hunting Trends for 2014

Hire MeYour electronic résumé is about to become more important than ever. Online applications have almost completely replaced paper applications. This is all the more reason for you to ensure that your resume is accurate, error free and tailored to the job description.

Expect that your potential employer will be screened through social media, video interviews and electronic reference systems.  Employers are now routinely running Web searches on candidates, looking at their social media accounts as well as their professional affiliations. Be sure that your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and take care about what you are posting to your accounts, evaluating them from a professional perspective to make sure that your content is appropriate.  Think about practicing for a “video interview” as well as an in-person interview so that you are prepared.

Don’t totally throw out the “old ways.”  While “technology is kind,” it is still feasible to target where you would like to work, dress in your finest business attire, print out your résumé and go door to door to possible employers. You never know, their receptionist may take pity on you and hand deliver your résumé to the hiring manager.  So, if you are un-employed or have some bandwidth, by all means pound the pavement and let yourself be known.  Who knows, you may be successful in thwarting the online application trend.

Here’s to!

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