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Job Hunting: Thrill or Chill?

riding-a-roller-coasterSearching for the ultimate job can be a bit like a roller coaster ride, full of peaks and valleys.  To fully prepare for the thrill, it takes a little “down time” (the valleys) to make sure that you are “at the ready.”  You’ve probably heard that June and July are often slower times for finding a job (many recruiters are “chill in'”), yet there are a few things that you can do to be ready for when recruiters get back on the treadmill again in mid to late August.

–       Review your resume and cover letter, making sure that they are free of typo’s and grammatical errors

–       Do your research. Target some of the companies that you would like to work for and learn about them (e.g., what’s the key product; how would you describe their culture)

–       Get involved in LinkedIn and begin networking with others in your field

–       Clean up your social media profile.  Make sure your photos are appropriate and portray you as a responsible citizen. If you aren’t too sure of how you’d come across to an HR professional, the make sure that your settings are private

–       Stay positive. Having a good attitude leaves a good impression (in your cover letter; your social media, etc.)

It can be difficult to stay upbeat if you’ve been searching for months, but studies show that staying positive ensures a better chance of getting a job. Think of it as riding on the roller coaster and be prepared to S.O.A.R. after a few curves, loops and major hills to climb!

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