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Is it a lost art?

It’s becoming a lost art, I discovered recently. Cursive is going by the wayside. I discovered on the fourth of July that they are not teaching handwriting in elementary schools anymore. Rather, they are focusing on typing skills. I was stunned when I heard this, ‘cause I love to write (although my cramped old hand pushes back at me at times) and I love to get hand written notes. So, another skill bites the dust.handwritten note

It made me wonder, however, if it would impact the thank-you note, particularly after a job interview. Typically, I encourage everyone that I work with to write a thank-you note after an interview. I have suggested that a personal, hand written note would make them stand out as a candidate. Why?  Because we are in-undated with emails at work and an email thank-you note can get lost in the inbox.  Perhaps, over time, I’ll need to change my thinking.

The thank-you note is, however, a terrific opportunity for you to address any points that you may have missed during the interview and gives you a chance to highlight any relevant achievements, experiences or, other important qualifications you didn’t get to mention in the meeting or even clarify something you would like the interviewer to remember. So, before throwing it totally to the wayside, give it some consideration.

Bottom line, take time to show your appreciation for the interview whether it’s a beautifully “scribed” note or an email.

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