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Living the Dream

Too much time has passed since my last post.  It doesn’t mean that I haven’t thought about those of you who are looking for new jobs or exploring new dream-job-nowopportunities. It just means that I’ve had a lot going on and didn’t find time to write. (I know – shame on me). Well, I did have a major life change and move, so perhaps, you will forgive me? Let me explain. In a nutshell, I moved to my dream home very close to the ocean.  Yes, dreams do come true if you have faith and hold fast to your goals. (Of course, great stock options also help.)

Moving to the beach came about very quickly. I happened to be chatting with my brother in May and commented, “when I retire, I think I want to move to the beach.”  To which he replied, “why don’t you do it now?”  Well, that was a thought and I began to muse with others about this as an option. I chatted with my manager and she had no problem with me telecommuting. Yeah! I talked with my financial guy and he felt that it was a very good move for multiple reasons. Double Yeah!! I shared with my family my thoughts and, while we knew I would no longer be a stones throw from them (a.k.a. I could get a call and meet them within 30 minutes), I would be in an ideal location for summer “stop-overs” and more. (Some of the locals say that my first few summers will be very interesting with many “fly-by’s” and “stop-overs.” LOL! I hope so!!!)  So, it seemed moving was a good option and within three months I found an adorable house 5 miles from the ocean with everything I could possibly hope for: garage, fireplace, one level (no stairs), year round access to pool for exercising and screened-in porch. And, it’s two hours from the “fam,” so it’s close enough and, yet, not too far! (Do I sound like Goldilocks?) So, here I am- living the dream. But, enough about my dream.  What about yours?

Sometime, in the near future, take time to begin planning your dream career. Reflect and answer the following questions and see what themes you uncover:

1. My co-workers and friends always say that I’m great at _______________, because ___________________.

2. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to do __________________. It’s interesting to me because __________.

3. If I had a free Saturday that had to be spent “working” on something, I’d choose _________________, because __________.

4. If I could choose a person or friend to trade jobs with, I’d choose ___________________, because ____________.

5.  When I retire, I want to be known for ________________, because _____________________.

After you’ve answered these questions, take a moment to look at your answers. Do you see any common themes?  You may find very obvious patterns – for example, everything on your list has to do with mechanics or cooking.  Maybe it’s writing or removing clutter. Maybe you like helping others or working outside,using your hands. (The other day my brother and I volunteered with the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation. When it came to choosing what we wanted to do, he opted for outside and gardening; I chose packing duffle bags and delivering the equipment. I had no desire to paint or do what he was doing.  Interesting, don’t you think? Even a simple exercise such as this brought to the forefront of what we liked to do).  While you may not have the answers pointing to one single career path, by knowing what you value, what you enjoy, and what you want to be known for is a great way to start focusing on what you want to do next so you can follow your dream!  Keep the faith and here’s to SOARing!


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