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Make IT Happen!

the-most-effective-way-to-do-it-is-do-it_amelia-earhartForget about resolutions, I say. Just do it! What is it you want to achieve in 2017? A new position within your company? A new job in another company? Whatever it is, here are a few tips that may help you in making things happen found in an article on Monster.

“Each week, commit to apply for at least 5 jobs, send 10 networking emails and research two new companies,” says Susan Vitale, chief marketing officer at the talent acquisition company iCIMS in Hoboken, New Jersey. “These mini resolutions will help maintain job-search momentum long after the initial New Year’s enthusiasm wanes.” Note from Nancy: That’s do-able, don’t you think?

Make it easy to track your results

Applying to multiple positions at multiple companies? It’s easy to get mixed up and waste time wondering what your last move was before throwing your hands in the air in exasperation. Don’t let yourself get to that point.

“I like the method of organizing your search with an Excel spreadsheet, either in Google Drive or on a desktop,” says Christy Hopkins, a human resources consultant and writer at Fit Small Business in New York City. Any tracking doc can work—just make sure it’s easy enough to use that you don’t dread the task every week.

“In this spreadsheet, track the companies you’ve applied to, the title of the position and the date you applied, as well as if you have heard back and that date,” says Hopkins. “Also include any contact information so you can easily follow up on your application status.”

To help stave off stagnation, Hopkins suggests creating another page on your spreadsheet and making a list of 50 to 100 companies you’d love to work for. Bit by bit, search for any open positions that are suited to you.

“If there isn’t anything open, check back in 15- to 30-day intervals, and track that as well,” says Hopkins. If you apply to any jobs, add the tracking information to your primary list.

Not only will this strategy keep you organized, it can also help you fine-tune your job search. You’ll get a clear picture of which job titles earn you the most callbacks, and which companies are more responsive than others. Note from Nancy: Another GREAT idea. I do this all of the time with contacts and, of course, don’t forget about Linked In. A fabulous tool!

For more great ideas on what to do in making things happen, check out this article called “How to keep your New Year’s job search mojo going” written by Joe Simmons, a Monster contributor.

Here’s to a fabulous 2017 and making things happen! Cheers!

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