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Invest in Some Spring Cleaning to Help with Your Job Search

It’s a great time to “spring forward,” not only with your clocks, but with your job search. Now is a great time to dust off some cobwebs and tidy up in preparation for a new career adventure. Here are a few tips to think about this spring:

Look for new ways to re-vitalize your search! Reach out to friends and share with them that you are still looking for the “ultimate” opportunity. Research companies on line and identify new individuals with whom you can conduct informational interviews. Go for it!

Brush Up on Your Interview Skills. Explore job sites and identify questions that may be asked in the interview. Write out your answers and deliver the responses out loud. Ask a friend to conduct a mock interview with you. How did you do? Did you stumble over your answers or were you spot on? Do you have examples of what you have done for the behavioral interview questions? (Need help with that, get in touch with me).

Fine Tune Your Resume and Cover Letter. Review the job description and tailor your correspondence. Remember, this isn’t all about you, it’s about what value you can provide to the company. Your cover letter should make the company want to interview you. Make them not want to miss out on that opportunity!

Network, network, network. Attend professional association meetings. Be sure to have plenty of business contact cards that you can give to someone to help them remember you.

Take a break and enjoy the sun by walking and re-energizing yourself. Be sure to drink plenty of water and embrace the new day. Soon you will be SOARing, I guarantee it!

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