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Do You Look Antiquated?

In all honesty, I just wanted to use the word “antiquated” ‘cause I thought it rolled off the tongue versus the world old. That being said, you may look GREAT physically, but, how does your resume hold up? 

The rate of change is staggering in our world today and it very much applies to how you think about looking for a job. Think about it. Ask anyone under the age of 25 what a rotary phone is and they may stare at you blankly. How about a stamp? Well, that may be pushing the envelope a bit, but, when it comes down to it, the physical mailing address itself is slowly going to the wayside when communicating with potential employers. “It’s highly unlikely that a prospective employer will mail you anything!” Email, yes!  Phone call, perhaps?

So, what does that mean when you are looking at revising your current resume? 

Be relevant. Going on and on about every job you’ve had since summer vacations from high school is only going to make you look older and it will be harder for a recruiter to find information about how you turned around the customer service program by analyzing call data and looking for trends.

Ditch the objective. Instead provide a career “summary” that highlights your talents, experience, and accomplishments. Demonstrate the value you will bring to your future employer.

Look closely at the job description and highlight the top skills that you have that relate to the position. Tailor your resume to that description. Don’t send out your “basic” resume that you use for every job.  

Forget your snail mail address and add your social media profile link.  This is now the “go-to” for recruiters and hiring managers. Be sure that your social media is appropriate and doesn’t cast a bad light on who you are as a potential candidate.

So, keep up with the times and make a change! Dust off your resume, not with a dust rag, but, with your excellent computer skills OR, if you need help, let me know. I’m here to help you S.O.A.R!  

Hope you are staying cool this summer!

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