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Here are some snippets of the feedback Nancy has received after inspiring others to explore the possibilities and shared her perspectives on leadership, team and life:

“Our workshop facilitator, Nancy Gaither, was outstanding – she has so much personal knowledge and experience of the challenges of a woman in the workplace, and she has the ability to share that knowledge in a positive way.  I heard many positive comments from other members.  I found myself relating to the real-life situations she had to deal with.  I recommend that we utilize her expertise in our future endeavor to grow our group.”  Ruby Aridi, Business Professional Women of Maryland, October 2019

“I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to conduct your presentation on “Change Management” at our 44th Biennial Conference on May 6, 2019. All of the attendees were grateful for your presentation. Your presentation was engaging and very informative. Without a doubt, I enjoyed seeing you you interact with my members. The knowledge we gained from you about change management left us speechless!”  Gary Roundtree Sr., Ph.D. President, National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association

“Nancy is a fantastic speaker and facilitator and I have learned much in our interactions over the years.” Christopher Shay, Continuous Improvement Manager at UnitedHealth Group, 2018

“As a recent college graduate, my resume wasn’t getting noticed, so recruiters weren’t calling me. I worked with Nancy to re-write and format my resume. During the job interview, where I was ultimately hired, the manager commented on the content and format in my resume. Nancy helped to make a difference and I’m now gainfully employed pursuing my career dreams.”  Neil Salisbury, 2017

“I have worked with Nancy for many years and have found Nancy to be one of the most engaged, supportive and best Human Capital partners that I have worked with in my career. Nancy is fantastic in developing people and teams. She is passionate about her work and it comes across every day. Nancy draws upon her many experiences working at different companies and in different situations to customize a development plan for all situations. Nancy is fantastic in leading groups and developing teams. Nancy is always will to help and provides valuable feedback and support. I highly recommend Nancy in any HR role.”  Andrew Fabula, Controller, UnitedHealthcare Specialty Benefits, April 2017

“Nancy does a wonderful job at identifying talent and helping individuals grow. She excels in training and development and has an outstanding positive attitude! She make the best of all situations and even when faced with a challenge, Nancy is able to devise and lead a logical, creative, and executable plan. Nancy also takes her personal time to help mentor others (including me). I feel as though with Nancy’s guidance, I was able to achieve some goals that I didn’t believe I would have ever achieved. It was with her help that I was able to gain the confidence I needed to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. I enjoyed working with Nancy very much. Any organization would be lucky to have her on their team.”  J. Thomas, Columbia, MD., UnitedHealth Group, 2016

“Nancy is a creative, energetic and highly skilled individual who has demonstrated throughout her career the ability to adapt to changing landscapes. She possesses unique insight into people and knows how to effectively develop talent in ways that best meet the needs of the individual and the organization. Nancy has been a leader in the use of technology to create opportunities for learning. She is ahead of the curve in understanding how to best employ a combination of education/training, coaching, feedback, and one on one consultation to create a high functioning team, often with a group of diverse individual team members. Her “joie de vivre” can ignite the spark that is necessary for an organization, company or any group to keep morale and productivity at the maximum level, something that is critical in today’s competitive business environment.” K. Wells, College Park, MD., Extension Service, 2016

“Nancy polished my resume, made it look professional and which I believe helped me to land some interviews (phone and in-person).  She coached me in my interview skills and confidence by staging mock interviews. Her constructive, valuable feedback allowed me to be better prepared and less intimidated.  I am not sure I would have landed a job so quickly, had it not been for her help!” C. Donaldson, Columbia, MD., S.O.A.R. Consulting, 2013

“Nancy is energetic and inspirational! It is evident that she cares deeply about her work and takes great interest and pride in helping others achieve their goals. Nancy communicates very clearly and is easy to work with. I would not hesitate to work with her again.”  L. Greer, Baltimore, MD., S.O.A.R. Consulting, 2013

“Nancy’s willingness to help others succeed is astounding. She has an eye for talent and brings out the best in everyone. She helps others to see their strength and leads them to personal success. Nancy’s positive attitude is refreshing! She always has multiple projects that she is managing yet seems to always be on top of all of them. Working with Nancy has helped me to look at myself in a better light. I feel more confident about my personal career and direction and I owe it all to her.” 2011

“Nancy is a superb leader. She has a passion for her work. Customer service is paramount. She mentors and coaches her team and superiors, and provides meaningful and timely feedback!”  2010

“I believe that one of the reasons why Nancy is successful is because she is ALWAYS herself and doesn’t try to be something that she is not. That sincerity gives her significant credibility and trust.”  College Park, MD 2009

Nancy is continuously re-creating herself and has a determination to help others succeed.”2006

“Nancy is the kind of person you love to work with. You can rely on her to always hold herself to the highest professional standards. She always delivers what she has promised, tells the truth even if that is a tough message and offers assistance whenever possible to ensure that the team’s mission is accomplished. As a leader she has excellent vision and always strives to do what is right for the organization. She holds her team accountable to the same standards as she holds herself. She is an excellent communicator and her team is always well prepared and informed of their goals and deadlines. She really cares about people and is an exceptional mentor and coach. I would work with Nancy again any time.” B. Tantum, Booz Allen Hamilton, McLean,VA., 2000

“Nancy, your seminar on teamwork and trust was a major hit! You really have a talent for teaching and conducting a workshop. Wow! What a thrill to work with you!”  1997

“Nancy has NO LIMIT to her energy. Her creativity and team spirit are hard to match.”  1991