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Life Balance

My signature line in all of my personal emails is: “It’s a wonderful world. Follow your heart and let the adventure unfold!” I believe this approach whole-heartedly, but, also know that sometimes when you are following your heart, you think everything is going along swimmingly and you hit a bit of a bump. It could be at work, at church, in your family or just life in general. Work/life balance can be a challenge. What is work/life balance, you ask? Work–life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) and “lifestyle (pleasure, health, leisure, family and spiritual development/meditation).

Technology now makes most of us accessible around the clock or 24/7. Watch the next time you are out with folks. How many can put down their phone without checking it every five minutes or so and really engage in the moment? It’s close to impossible to spot a group where someone “isn’t” checking their smart phone.  It’s particularly fun to watch this phenomena in large group settings. How long can you go without “checking” to see if you got a new email; new alert; new tweet or someone checked “like” on Facebook? It’s addictive.

I say it’s time to unplug and find “life balance.” In my world is photography helps me find balance and more. Looking through a lens provides me with an opportunity to look at life differently and from that, I draw inspiration. Taking photos is relaxing and helps me to unwind (that is, if the camera is working and I have the settings on the dang thing positioned correctly. I consider this “life-long learning”). I live near Assateague National Wildlife Park with wild horses/ponies running free. I’ve become obsessed with learning about the ponies and have even come to know many of them by name. For your enjoyment AND because I’ve had some friends ask me to start a blog about my adventures, here is my “little piece of heaven.” Perhaps, you will find some peace and harmony here, when life “stressors” interfere, and it will help with your life balance.

Bayberry and bandAssateague 2017

Bayberry and band

Stay tuned as I post my adventures as the “pony paparazzi of Assateaque!” I’d love to hear what you think about these ramblings, so feel free to share with me on my S.O.A.R. Facebook page your thoughts and opinions.


Bayberry and band