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Gratitude Makes a Difference

Some days is a little more trying than others to stay positive. It may be that you are not feeling at the top of your game due to the flu season or, maybe, you are in that category of the long-term unemployed with no income, no health insurance and you are at the end of your rope in trying to figure out what to do to make your next house payment. You’ve followed the advice of all of the recruiters and “guru’s” such as: networking with everyone and anyone, asking for their advice; re-writing your resume to reflect what is being requested in the job requisition; creating a “one-page” overview of your career; writing multiple “killer” cover letters; removing all “tell-tale” signs from your resume of your age (if that impacts you) and searching hour after hour on the job boards, hoping to get a positive hit. How does one remain positive?

Today, when I wasn’t in a great mood (it does happen, but, not frequently), this article popped up in my “in-box” and I was immediately thankful. While it speaks to how “Gratitude Will Change Your Company Culture,” I believe it can also apply to your individual life. One simple thing that was mentioned was “if you simply stop and periodically count your many blessings, small and large, life will look very different.” (I encourage you to read the article).

So, after a very, very long day, I’m going to stop, drive to Assateague Island National Seashore and count my blessings, among them family, friends and the ponies. I’m beyond grateful for these blessings and am joyful that I get to see a foal, born on August 21st, the day of the Solar Eclipse, grow before my eyes!

Loving mother - Johnny's Star foal Johnny's Star and foal Hanging in the bush Johnny's Star Foal